Safe working during covid-19

Safe Working During COVID-19

We want to reassure all our customers that during the current coronavirus outbreak we have put into place business continuity measures to ensure that our services can continue where possible.
The safety of our staff and customers is paramount. As a family run business, we follow strictly the government’s guidelines for COVID-19 with social distancing, regular hand & area cleaning. To reduce any unnecessary work since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have concentrated our work around emergency repairs or areas where others are not working.  

Working as the Lockdown Eases  

As a country we are all presently awaiting the government’s guidelines to safe working as the lock-down is lifted. In the mean time we would kindly ask our customers that if we are working on your premises you follow these safety guidelines for your and our safety.

  • Ensure all of your staff have been notified that we will require an un-staffed area to complete our work where possible.
  • Maintain a minimum of 2 metres between any of your staff working in an area and Crown Surveillance staff.
  • Crown Surveillance staff will use their own antibacterial sprays and wipes in areas they will be working in. They will disinfect work surfaces such as door handles as well as their own hands before starting and after completing their work. Their tools and vehicles will be disinfected on leaving a site.
  • Crown Surveillance staff will wear face masks if it is not possible to maintain a distance of two metres with any persons not a memer of our staff. We kindly ask that your staff are provided with correct PPE during these times.
  • Due to the types of work, disposable gloves for covid 19, will only be worn by Crown Surveillance staff if safe working allows. These will be removed and placed within a bag before leaving the area to avoid cross contamination.  


Crown Surveillance Ltd

6 May 2020