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CCTV Installations For Schools

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Behaviour Management

Closed circuit television is used in schools to manage the students and to provide heightened levels of security for staff and pupils alike.

We all know that children can be challenging from time to time, pushing boundaries and testing just how far they can go. In schools this can be especially testing with taboo issues such as bullying, generally causing trouble or being destructive in class.

This can be eased by the mere presence of closed circuit television cameras that with the latest developments in camera technology, produce incredibly clear images.

Crown Surveillance Ltd Crown Surveillance Ltd Crown Surveillance Ltd

CCTV Benefits

Schools that opt for our CCTV installations typically have a number of digital recorders that are networked together and connected to the internet via a high speed broadband link. Most teachers have smart phones and use them to help them monitor the students during break times. They can instantly play back incidents in front of the children which keeps the students on their toes!

For protection of both students and teachers, cameras are installed in areas where one-to-one teaching is required, utilising cameras with audio recording capabilities for added security.

Crown Surveillance Ltd Crown Surveillance Ltd Crown Surveillance Ltd

Site Protection & Monitoring

Closed circuit television systems that are commonly used during the day for student management can also be used for general security and the protection of the school premises itself. This is particularly important during the night time and in between term times. 

With the use of passive infra-red detection equipment and a mix of static and functional dome cameras, the entire site can be managed off site by a central monitoring station. The central monitoring station has the ability to contact key holders and the emergency services, depending on the type of incident.

For more information about our CCTV systems and access control solutions, contact Crown Surveillance Ltd today on: 01159 465 422 /

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